VSS ~PRINTEMPS~ Montréal | 20 mai | 19h

VSS ~PRINTEMPS~ Montréal | 20 mai | 19h



Les billets pour le souper PRINTEMPS!
4 services // $50 chaque billet

tickets for the Spring VSS!
4 courses // $50 each ticket


Please take note that we have moved to Villeray. 

There are cats on the premises (thought you will not see them :)

Accessibility: This is a third floor walk up

If you don't have a credit card please email and we can reserve you differently. As well please note that on your bill it will say YYYcollection for the merchant. 

If you have a cashew, coconut or multiple nut allergy please email before!



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Nous pouvons accommoder les personnes qui souffrent d'allergies, notamment au gluten et au produits de soya. Si vous avez beaucoup d'allergies, envoyez-nous un email pour voir si ce menu est bien pour vous.

Gluten and soy, and most other allergies can be worked around, with prior notice, but if you have a lot of allergies please email us to see if this suppers menu will be suitable for you.